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Breather Membranes (external)


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PROCTOR Wraptite UV Self-adhesive UV Vapour Permeable Airtight Membrane - 1.5 x 50m

A Proctor Group

PROCTOR Wraptite UV Self-adhesive UV Vapour Permeable Airtight Membrane - 1.5 x 50m

Proctor Wraptite UV is a Class B fire-rated membrane that combines the best properties of vapour permeability and air tightness in one innovative, self-adhering product, which is specifically designed for use behind open jointed cladding. Wraptite UV has exceptional water resistance and UV resistance to provide a “shadow” appearance within open rainscreen façades. Manufactured from polyester and a functional coating, with a proprietary acrylic moisture vapour permeable adhesive and silicone-coated PET release liner. Wraptite UV bonds (no mechanical attachment) to multiple substrates for air tightness and ease of installation, negating the requirement for a primer, sealants or tapes. The product provides an initial grab with a full curing time of approximately 6 hours depending on environmental conditions. Wraptite UV prevents lateral air movement enhancing the buildings thermal performance. With a rating of Sd 0.06m, it provides a high vapour permeability in a commercial quality, self-adhered, airtight breathable membrane. To protect the membrane from mechanical damage, the joint openings in the façade covering have to be less than 40% of the area, and a maximum of 50mm wide. Whilst for use behind open jointed cladding, the membrane is specifically designed for those who require protection against water ingress for extended periods of time, in a range of applications, including the storage and transportation of volumetric modules, offsite panelised systems and/or within high rise façade construction. Wraptite UV would also provide a shadow gap detail behind window flashing details, or in open jointed façade systems in offsite construction, rainscreen and timber cladding systems.